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Scott Shellady the Cow Guy"I have 32 years of experience in the finance industry. I have written columns, been an Adjunct Finance Professor, frequently appear on multiple financial news channels and most enjoyably, slugged it out in the hand to hand combat of the real-life trading pits of Chicago and London. I have often thought about writing a book that is straight forward, simple, and full of common sense. It seems that someone has beaten me to the punch. Throughout this book, Carley is able to present things like I would present things. She explains strategies like I would explain strategies. The ideas in this book can often at times be intimidating and confusing – Carley strips away those barriers and gets right down to the brass tacks. Not only does Carley cover commodity options but she leaves no stone unturned in her efforts to give the reader a deep, well-rounded point of view. Take your time, reread a few of the chapters. This book is to be absorbed, not just read. If you walk away with a good understanding of what is presented in this book, you will be ahead of your peers and on very solid footing in the commodity options industry. Truth be told, this book could have been 2 books – maybe 3 books. Carley has given the reader a great bargain with the knowledge she has imparted in this book, all the while raising the bar for any future commodity options trading authors. Congratulations Carley on a job well done."- Scott (The Cow Guy) Shellady

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