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Trading Commodity Options with Creativity

by Carley Garner

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Bob-Iaccino-CNBC-Bloomberg-Fox Business News"Carley Garner is a friend of mine, which has precisely zero to do with why I’m writing this. We didn’t start as friends, but we spoke at a trading event together and I was so impressed with her knowledge of markets in general and commodity options specifically, that we become friends. Mainly because I’m constantly asking for her analysis on markets and she’s kind enough to give it to me. Read her latest book, “Trading Commodity Options with Creativity” and you’ll see exactly why I regard her as highly as I do. She’s one of the two best technical and price action analysts I know (the other is my business partner of 15 years) and she knows options, like she created them. This book not only teaches you what options are, but how they work, how futures options are different from stock options (they are) and why they are better in many situations. Carley covers creative strategies that other people know about, but aren’t knowledgeable enough to use, let alone teach, and she covers the gray areas that many other option books don’t even gloss over. If you believe as I do, that the math covering your risk and reward proposition is more important than the math behind the Black-Scholes model, then this book is for you. I highly recommend you read this book. At least twice …."- Bob Iaccino, CEO Co-Founder Path Trading Partners, Co-CIO The Stock Think Tank , Host and Co-founder PureXposure Growth Series

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